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cosstores men


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  • Gina Sabio COSSTORES review Gina Sabio cosstores review, 22 months ago
    I just bought the long puffy COS coat in the mustard color. I love it It's warm, not bulky, light, and long donut blocks the wind. The side pockets are deep. I o my wish there was another inside pocket instead of just one.
  • Alex Tindal COSSTORES review Alex Tindal cosstores review, 27 months ago
    Always had impeccable service. Really great store. It s amazing to see the whole H&M group has such a drive for sustainability as well.
  • Guo Yuru COSSTORES review Guo Yuru cosstores review, 27 months ago
    I refunded one of my dress to Hermes drop off store and it's been more than a week I still didn't hear anything from Hermes. Therefore I tried to call the cos customer service team to ask them about my order. The lady who pick up my phone call was very sweet, helpful and polite and solved my problems very fast. It's definitely made my day Thank you so much for working so hard during the pandemic and hope you will have a good day as well It's definitely the best customer service I've ever received in my life Definitely recommend cos to my friends
  • Gabriel Salazar COSSTORES review Gabriel Salazar cosstores review, 27 months ago
    i literally dont understand why people are complaining. I always buy large chunks of clothes online knowing I will return some of it and there has NEVER been a problem. Also they make it known it takes a while for the refund to appear even after its shipped back, so its not like they hide that. You cant possibly expect to receive a refund that fast, just be patient you'll get your refund
  • Rosemary Agarwala COSSTORES review Rosemary Agarwala cosstores review, 30 months ago
    Brilliant service. Order placed and delivered two days later. Had to send an item back as it was the wrong size and had everything I needed to make the return easy. I m happy to buy again.

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