Stradivarius vintage fit straight jeans in black asos

asos women

asos women

Stradivarius vintage fit straight jeans in black

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WOMEN Stradivarius vintage fit straight jeans in black

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asos reviews

  • Nasreen Bushkar ASOS review Nasreen Bushkar asos review, 1 days ago
    Amazing service , i had a questions and worries about my order, The representative answered all the questions i had
  • Em Wymer ASOS review Em Wymer asos review, 1 days ago
    The gentleman man that helped me was quick and efficient, sorted my issue within about 10 minutes. Can t ask for more when with some companies you can be going on for hours Thank you ASOS and Salvador
  • Aisha Prest ASOS review Aisha Prest asos review, 2 days ago
    I had a problem with my orders but customer service came through very effectively. Took care of my problem promptly and efficiently.
  • Harlie Drucker-little ASOS review Harlie Drucker-little asos review, 2 days ago
    It was my friend's birthday & I ordered a dress from Asos, thinking okay, it's no dramas will be here tomorrow with my next day delivery... Did that happen Nope So, I waited all night in for this dress, told my friends I'd come out later at 8/9 ( hoping it would come as the time given was 10 am - 7 pm ) waiting and waiting. Started pre-drinking getting my make up done & stuff even in this boiling heat Waited all night for this dress that didn't even come So had to cancel with my friends and rearrange something for next weekend. Anywho, I popped myself on to the "live chat" & Spoke to a very warming soul, Carla. Carla helped me in my moment of sadness. I'm really glad I had someone so calm with me to deal with my overreacting ass Carla was amazing Carla really understood me and what I'm like. I hope to never speak with this chat again but if I do, I'm wanting to be served by Carla the calm customer assistant Many loves 3
  • Tia Renn Anderson ASOS review Tia Renn Anderson asos review, 2 days ago
    The advisor was lovely that helped with my issue, but the ASOS service was not so good as I was sent the opposite item than what I paid for a whole different design and colour, now having to send it back and spend more money again in the hope it will come as the item that is advertised

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