Wide leg cropped patch pocket jeans stories

stories women

stories women

Wide Leg Cropped Patch Pocket Jeans

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WOMEN Wide Leg Cropped Patch Pocket Jeans

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  • Katie Legg Sweny STORIES review Katie Legg Sweny stories review, 11 months ago
    I was worried as I had completed my online order and then seen all the low reviews here But mine came on time & the order was correct. I had received an email saying it was going to be late, which was a little concerning but in the end it came in 8 days (the window I was given was 6-9) so all in all very pleased.
  • aleksandra perisic STORIES review aleksandra perisic stories review, 12 months ago
    I have nothing bad to say about &otherstories Yes, their deliveries can take a while, but I don t really mind it that much. It happens sometimes during sales, but not all the time. I love their quality and their customer service is pretty amazing . Once I kept my order for more than 30 days because I was not in the UK and they still took it back and refunded me. Love
  • Sarah Zafar STORIES review Sarah Zafar stories review, 17 months ago
    I went to the Strasbourg, France store last week and it was pristine. The items were perfectly organised and tidy. You could try perfumes and makeup and smell candles through your mask. Today I went to the Barcelona, Spain store. It was a mess. Many items were unavailable. Everything was messy, untidy, clothes looked used. And the worst thing is that you can t try anything There are no testers whatsoever. How is anyone going to buy a candle, makeup or perfume without even trying it That might work for people who know the products, but not for most people. This store needs to step up, right now it just feels like a more expensive H&M...
  • Mie STORIES review Mie stories review, 17 months ago
    I have bought shirts and skirts from &other stories that are were all very comfortable made of materials that feel durable albeit soft and wonderful. I am not sure how well this brand measures up to others in the same price bracket but I would consider buying from &other stories again, particularly from their Paris design studio.
  • Milena STORIES review Milena stories review, 20 months ago
    I want to write good review about The Hague store. Very helpful always. I cannot tell regarding quality of clothes very nice review but is possible to find good things.

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